A Statement by the family of Daniel Morgan
15 JUNE 2023

In light of today’s response from the present Government to the recommendations of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel (DMIP),the family have made the following statement:

“We, the family of Daniel Morgan, are saddened but not surprised by the empty words from this Government in response to serious and far-reaching implications of the Panel’s findings and recommendations.

“This is in keeping with our experience of this administration and its predecessors over the decades, reflecting an unwillingness to acknowledge and confront the reality of institutionalised police corruption that has been our lived experience of over the last 36 years since Daniel’s murder in 1987.

“We consider that we have done more than could be asked of us to the bring that reality to light, so that it may be addressed by those with the responsibility to do so.

“In the event, this Government has chosen to duck the challenge posed to them by the Panel’s report. We look to their successors, if they wish to do so, to pick up that challenge when they come into office.”

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