Press Release: Daniel’s brother welcomes MPA review proposal : 2nd October 2005

After two meetings with MPA chair Len Duvall, Alastair Morgan says he is delighted with the response he met when the family and their MPs met Len Duvall on two occasions over the summer.

Unlike Hazel Blears, Len immediately grasped the seriousness of the position but isn’t empowered to order a public inquiry. After our first meeting he took legal advice and came up with the proposition of appointing an independent barrister approved by both parties to review all of the case papers and provide a report. This review will be based on a submission from our solicitors detailing every area where we have concerns and require further information.

A decision will be taken by the full Authority on 27th October.

The independent barrister will produce a report on his review which will be made available to the family as soon as completed. The barrister will also have the power to recommend that the MPA support a public inquiry if he feels that witnesses need to be examined or deeper examination is required.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner will also be required to produce a report for the Authority and the family.

“Information is what we want.” says Alastair Morgan. “But the more we’ve obtained, the worse the picture gets. Things have already reached a point where a public inquiry is essential. It should have begun a year ago because the cancer caused by what has taken place is still spreading. Daniel’s case is probably the most systematic and stubborn cover-up in the last thirty years. It was a key event in the growth of corruption in the Met and the boil that it’s caused both within and outside the police has almost reached bursting point. Bring on the surgeon! I have no doubt whatever that an independent barrister will confirm its existence. The useless Elastoplast is coming off and the light is coming in.”

“We intend pursuing our high court challenge against Hazel Blears nonetheless. Her stance and the risks she’s exposing us to make me sad. In the meantime, I shall be lobbying for a meeting with Charles Clark. I’m sure he’s got no idea what’s really been going on in the Met and I want to tell him. It’s of vital importance that he fully understands what has been taking place. You can’t really be accountable for what you don’t know about and I remain unconvinced that any Home Office minister has grasped the true implications of the result-to-date and future prospects arising from this murder. It has poisoned policing in London from top to bottom. It’s turned into a clotted, infected stain on the Met’s livery and it must be expunged”.

Alastair Morgan

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