Police make Crimewatch appeal

The Western Mail

26th June 2002

A fresh attempt will be made tonight to find people who failed to come forward following the murder of a private detective 15 years ago.

The case of Monmouthshire man Daniel Morgan, killed with an axe in South East London, will feature on the Crimewatch UK television programme as the Metropolitan Police launches a fresh investigation into the murder.

There is also a £50,000 reward for any information which leads to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for killing Mr Morgan.

Detective Chief Superintendent David Cook from the London force’s Serious Crime Group West, who appears on the programme, said, “Because this happened 15 years ago, we are taking the opportunity of Crimewatch to remind the people of South London what the crime was and the horrendous nature of the crime and we hope they will come forward with information.”

“Over the past 15 years we have built up a fairly comprehensive picture of what happened, but there are a number of gaps. We hope that the Crimewatch appeal will fill these gaps.”

“I’m asking the public who may know something about the case or someone who, through a change of attitude or allegiance, may come forward with a piece of information that will allow us to solve the murder,” he said. “I’m targeting a very small number of people.”

He said the force had always been determined to solve the case, adding, “I hold out a degree of hope that this crime will be solved. I’ve been on Crimewatch a number of times. You can get 300 calls about a case - but it’s just that one call you need. The £50,000 reward should also help.”

Daniel Morgan, 37, was found dead in the car park of the Golden Lion Pub in Sydenham on March 10 1987. He had been struck in the head with an axe.

His mother Isobel Hulsmann and brother Alastair Morgan have campaigned for 15 years to shed light on the case.

They are convinced Mr Morgan, who was brought up in Monmouthshire, was silenced by a contract killer because he was about to expose alleged police corruption.

In 2001, the case was examined by the Metropolitan Police’s Murder Review Group, and it was recommended that the case be re-investigated.

“The determination to solve this crime has never waned, but we need to refresh people's memories,” said Det Chief Supt. Cook.

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