Brother’s victory as police report is rejected

The Islington Gazette

9th February 2006

Alastair Morgan is still battling for justice 19 years after his brother was found dead in a pub car park.

The brother of a private detective found with an axe embedded in his skull has won the latest round in his 19 year fight for justice. Alastair Morgan, from Gee Street, Finsbury, has been searching for answers since his younger brother Daniel was brutally killed in a south London car park in 1987.

Despite four separate police investigations nobody has ever been punished for the murder, and questions remain about possible police involvement in Daniel’s death.

But there was hope for the family when a report by Britain’s top policeman Sir Ian Blair into allegations of police misconduct was savaged by the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA).

In an e-mail to Mr Morgan, MPA chairman Len Duval, slammed the report as “not adequate, for example in either reaching an understanding of past investigations or in acknowledging how possible misconduct by one or more officers may have affected the investigation.”

Mr Duval is due to meet Alastair Morgan and his mother Isobel Hulsmann and has stressed his commitment to ensuring the truth about the murder finally comes out.

Mr Morgan told the Gazette this week: “We are pleased that Len Duval has taken a tough stance on this. I am disappointed but hardly surprised by Ian Blair’s failure to answer the questions posed. I believe that an honest report would give clear evidence of misfeasance at the highest level in both the Metropolitan Police and the Hampshire Police.”

“At an inquest in 1988 allegations were made of police involvement in Daniel’s murder. In our view all of the available evidence supports these allegations. We believe there has been a cover-up.”

He continued: “We hoped that Ian Blair’s report would shed light on this but Sir Ian has a history of non-disclosure in this case. In 2002 he refused to give us access to a police report on the murder and we had to take the Met to the High Court. We believe that the inquest was misled and that the Police Complaints Commission was misled and that senior officers in both the Met and the Hampshire police must have been aware of this.”

Ex-Islington South and Finsbury MP Chris Smith fought alongside Mr Morgan’s family for 10 years to try and get a public enquiry into the murder.

Despite the backing of 58 MPs Home Office minister Hazel Blears ended their hopes in December 2004. But now Mr Morgan believes their case is overwhelming.

“The fact that the Met’s commissioner is ducking and diving only strengthens our case,” he said. “A public inquiry is the only way we will ever find out what really happened to my brother”.

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