‘Untouchables’ - The Book Launch

29th October 2004

Alastair is amused by the decorated bus
Several bright Porches attracted attention

The Battle Bus leaves North London at 9.30 on a wet Autumn morning followed by four decorated sports cars.

Kirsteen and Alastair take the front seat
The bus parked prominently outside Parliament, an activity that the government decided would have to become illegal

Alastair Morgan and his partner Kirsteen enjoy the ride.

Sky beamed the event around the globe
Alastair and Kirsteen

Sky, the BBC and Harlech TV (Wales) turned up in force. Alastair and Kirsteen emerge from Parliament following the book launch hosted by MPs Andrew Mackinlay and Simon Hughes.

Laurie Flynn

Laurie Flynn - co-author, 'Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard'

Co-author with Michael Gillard

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