Politicians call for enquiry into 1987 murder

The Western Mail

20th November 2003

Three politicians have called for a public inquiry into a savage unsolved murder of a private investigator who was killed with an axe in a pub car park in London 16 years ago.

Former Cabinet minister Chris Smith MP, Lord Livsey and Roger Williams, the Brecon MP are demanding an independent inquiry after what is believed to be four police investigations failed to trace the killers of Daniel Morgan.

The MPs said they would write to the Home Secretary, given the lack of any sort of a resolution in the case.

Mr Morgan’s body was discovered in a car park at the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham, South London, on March 10, 1987.

An axe had been embedded in the 37-year-old's head.

Originally from Llanfrechfa, Monmouthshire, he had arranged to meet his business partner, with whom he ran a company called Southern Investigations.

The new development came after politicians met with the Morgan family and their legal team at Westminster on Tuesday.

The move has been welcomed by Mr Morgan’s brother Alastair, who said the three MPs had been “attentive” and “supportive” in his family’s search for the truth.

“My family and I welcome the support from my London MP Mr Smith, my mother’s former MP Lord Livsey and her current MP Mr Williams.”

“This could be the start of something that eventually leads to the truth about why my brother was killed.”

“We are very concerned about the way the Metropolitan Police handled the investigations into Daniel’s death and an independent public inquiry would be able to ask some pertinent questions that need answering.

“I think the politicians were impressed with my solicitor’s grasp of the case and he gave them a 30-minute brief about it.”

Mr Morgan added, “It’s clearly imperative that we find out who killed Daniel and why and with political help perhaps we’re that bit closer now. I am going to see this through to the very end.”

Brecon and Radnorshire MP Mr Williams said, “It has been the determination and vigour of Daniel Morgan”s family that has kept this case alive.

“Mrs Hulsmann, his mother, who is a constituent of mine, has campaigned constantly for years."”

“Whilst the likelihood of a successful prosecution is diminishing with time the family is determined that lessons must be learnt.”

After a number of police investigations, Mr Morgan’s mother Isobel Hulsmann, 75, his sister Jane, 52, both from Hay-on-Wye and brother Alastair, 55, are convinced that senior police officers and prosecutors will not launch another inquiry.

In July, the family won disclosure to see a report written by Hampshire Police.

The report found that police had acted properly.

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