The family of murdered private investigator Daniel Morgan is to meet with representatives of the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to hear what they have to say about their handling of the case, some fifteen months after the collapse of their last attempt at a prosecution for the murder.

Upon the collapse of the prosecution on March 11 2011 – after a series of disclosure blunders and allegations that a supergrass witness had been “coached”, and after five men accused in connection with the murder (including a former member of the Met squad who first investigated the murder) had walked free – the family were told by the Crown Prosecution Service and the Metropolitan Police alike that there was no scope or prospect of any further attempt at investigation or prosecution. The then Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Tim Godwin, apologised personally to the Morgan family and acknowledged publicly that there had been a “repeated failure by the MPS over many years following Daniel’s murder to accept that corruption had played such a significant part in failing to bring those responsible to justice”. He added:

“We recognise that we have to take responsibility for the consequences of the repeated failure of the MPS over the years to confront the role played by police corruption in protecting those responsible for the murder from being brought to justice.”

In that light, representations have been made by the family’s solicitors, Bhatt Murphy, to the Home Secretary seeking a judicial inquiry into the police’s handling of the murder. The family’s call for a judicial inquiry was supported unanimously by the Metropolitan Police Authority on 31 March 2011, and in Parliament following an adjournment debate on the case in February 2012.

For her part, the Home Secretary Theresa May has yet to reach any final decision in response to the family’s call for a judicial inquiry, and a letter dated 22 December 2011 from the family’s solicitors asking her to clarify her position remains unanswered some five months later.

Daniel Morgan’s brother Alastair said today:

“All of the available evidence indicates that Daniel was murdered because he was about to expose serious police corruption and that after his murder his private detective agency Southern Investigations became the hub of industrial-scale police/press corruption. This was the beginning of a deeply corrupt relationship between the Metropolitan Police and News of the World journalists. We want to know how this interfered with the five subsequent investigations into the murder and the political response to allegations of police involvement in Daniel’s murder”.

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18 May 2012
Alastair Morgan

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